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It is perfect to to colour your sugarpaste, marzipan and flowerpaste with a beautiful shimmery lustre finish.


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PME Edible LUSTRE SPRAY Gold is perfect to to colour your Sugarpaste, Buttercream, Almond Paste, Flower Paste and Gum Paste with a beautiful shimmery lustre finish.

Due to new shipping regulations aerosols can no longer be shipped by Royal Mail.

Please note this item is not available for purchase outside of the UK due to being a pressurised container.

With PME Edible LUSTRE SPRAY Gold you can add a wonderful new dimension of styling and elegance to your Cakes, Chocolates, Cupcakes and Cookies. Also, you can spray into the lid of the can, then once dry dust onto the desired area.

In addition, it is really easy to use. Simply shake well before use. Then, spray a little onto a paper towel to begin with so you can achieve the right colour on your cake. Hold at 45° angle and at least 6" from area you are going to cover.

In fact, use this Lustre Spray colour to highlight, enhance and decorate a wide range of decorative materials. It gives a lovely gold lustre finish. Ideal for larger areas of icing and for buttercream on cupcakes, where you may prefer not to brush on colouring. And great for Christmas themed cakes too.

We recommend after each use, hold the can upside down and give one short spray to clear the nozzle.  If unused for some time and the nozzle blocks, place the can upside down in a pot of hot water for a couple of minutes.


E943a (Butane), E943b (Isobutane), E944 (Propane), Ethyl Alcohol, E555/E172, Aroma.

Allergy Advice:

Wheat, Gluten, Egg, Milk and Nut free. May contain traces of soya. Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans.

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