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Immaculate Confections DUSTING BRUSHES

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It is a pack of 4 brushes perfect for applying petal dusts to sugar flowers.


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Immaculate Confections DUSTING BRUSHES

Immaculate Confections DUSTING BRUSHES is a pack of 4 brushes perfect for applying petal dusts to sugar flowers. In fat, the soft white bristles won’t damage your work and show the colour you are using beautifully.

The different sizes are ideal for a range of jobs:

Extra Small Round Brush. the round and pointed shape of the bristles make this brush ideal for detailed and accurate dust application. They are particularly useful for adding colour to the centre of small and tiny filler flowers.

Small Round Brush. As above, but a little bigger!

Small Flat Brush. The bristles are set flat in the ferrule and so they are great for the edges of leaves or for dusting other larger, flattish shapes. It is small enough for detail but not so small that it takes hours just to dust a few leaves.

Large Round Brush. This is Natalie’s favourite size that she uses most often to dust leaves, roses, peonies and fillers! The soft bristles make it very easy to achieve beautiful blends and gradients of colour, bringing your sugar flowers to life.

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