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Immaculate Confections Pinks and Purples Dust Set

This set contains two shades of pink, a violet and a purple Craft Dusts which are non-toxic and non-edible, perfect for sugar flowers.


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Immaculate Confections Pinks and Purples Dust Set

Immaculate Confections Pinks and Purples Dust Set contains four lovely craft dusts perfect for sugar flowers to add a pop of colour to your decorations. They are also great to bring to life all your decorations.

Please note that the Bright Magenta, Violet-Pink and Pure Purple Craft Dusts are non-toxic, non-edible and should thus not be eaten. They are safe for food contact however and can thus be used on removable cake decorations.

In addition, all Immaculate Confections' dusts included in this set leave a rich colour on cake decorations. Each dust comes in a small jar with a screw top lid for easy storage. Protect from sunlight and do not expose to temperatures exceeding 50°C.

For best results, use a dusting brush to apply the dust on your decorations. Furthermore, the four colours in this set are extremely versatile. They also give a range of bright, beautiful and vibrant colours to enhance your sugar flowers.

In fact, you can mix the colours to make a whole range of pinks and purples, which are detailed in the included tutorial.

Set includes:

- Colour mixing and usage guide.

- Soft Pink Petal Dust.

- Bright Magenta Craft Dust.

- Violet-Pink Craft Dust.

- Pure Purple Craft Dust.


10ml each jar.

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