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FMM Tool Water Brush

It is great for moistening sugar decorations or shapes before applying to your cake.


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FMM Tool Water Brush

FMM Tool Water Brush is simple in design but a real time saver. To use it, you simply fill up the capsule at the end of the brush with water. This then keeps the brush bristles moist and allows you to brush water onto your cake so you can stick decorations to particular parts.

The Water Brush allows you add water without it dripping down your cake so there are less mistakes made and a more precise area of cake covered. You also don’t have to go back and keep wetting the brush.

As well as water, you can also use the brush for water colour painting. So long as your paint isn’t too thick, the Water Brush will allow you to continually paint in a certain colour, again saving you time as you don’t have to keep reapplying paint to your brush.

The brush itself has fine bristles so that it will not damage your cake and allows you to paint your own water colour decorations. We do not recommend to use normal water colour paints in the water brush and then use edible ones as the pen will no longer be food safe. Wash thoroughly before and after use.

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