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Callebaut Recipe N°823 Belgium Milk Chocolate 1kg Important Read Product Info

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It has extra cocoa butter in, allowing them to flow better when it melts.


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Callebaut Recipe No 823 Belgium Milk Chocolate 1kg


Due to the shortage of Callebaut due to deliveries from Belgium with new regulations for the UK, from time to time we may have to bag callebaut chocolate ourselves from larger bags. We hope you appreciate the situation we are in, and the reason we have chosen to do this.  If you do not wish to receive a bag re-packed by Sugar and Crumbs please do not order as we cannot refund.  The labelling will have the same BBF date as the bags purchased.  Ingredients are listed below; it will not be on the packaging.  Many thanks for understanding the situation. 


Callebaut Recipe N°823 Belgium Milk Chocolate 1kg is easier to melt, temper, pour, mould and much more. Great for chocolatiers!

It has 150 years of experience in Belgium, using only the highest quality ingredients. So, they use only the very best cocoa beans. In fact, is one of the largest manufacturer of chocolate in the world, and is the brand of choice for many of the top chocolatiers.

In addition, this unique 'callet' shape, this chocolate is exceptionally easy to melt, temper or even to use as chocolate chips for baking. Also, the 'callet' shape also allows melting to be much more consistent, due to the larger surface area.

The Recipe N°823 is widely appreciated because of its generous taste and great reputation in workability. Think a deep, warm colour, smooth cocoa body and sweet, caramelly notes to top it all off. It can be paired with a wide array of powerful fruity, spicy, dairy or liqueur-like flavours. The core of the chocolate is the signature Wieze cocoa blend: a well-kept secret mix of mainly West African top grade cocoa beans.

This well-loved chocolate has a full-bodied taste and great workability. Its all-round fluidity makes it efficient in any application.


Belgian milk chocolate couverture (min cocoa 54.5%), sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, emulsifier (Soya lecithin), natural vanilla. Contains milk and soya. Certified kosher.



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