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CakeCicles with Claire Corbett Online

Pretty Floral CakeCicles with Claire Corbett.


CakeCicles with Claire Corbett Online

Pretty Floral CakeCicles with Claire Corbett.
In this class, you will learn to temper couverture chocolate using the easiest method (and tips to fix it if it all goes wrong!) also keep it in its tempered state for longer working time.
Make a delicious cakey filling which is also perfect for cake pops.
Mould chocolate shells for the CakeCicles for a perfect, smooth, shiny finish.
Mould and texture chocolate to create appliqués that will taste as good as they look!
Lustre your CakeCicles for a glam finish.
There's so much information in this session for you to learn - it's going to be great fun you will certainly enjoy the tutorial and feel as though you are with us in the kitchen too, we take our time, we repeat things for members who were live on the day, also overcoming any obstacles. These question you will help you as you do the class yourself.  Karen does all the comments, while Simon films excellent close-up shots for you to see everything clearly. Claire answers all questions in an easy relaxing way.

Once you have enrolled in the class and joined the group, all items needed for the session will be shared with you. If you don't have them already, you can either buy from our online shop if we sell them, or I will give you links to other suppliers if we don't stock certain products.

Come and join our Facebook Live online tutorial to learn how to make these beautiful CakeCicles.

Please read fully so you understand the whole process.

When you purchase this tutorial please DO NOT add any other products to your shopping bag, do that separately as a different order.

Please ensure you tick the T&C's tick box when you receive your confirmation email, this should then take you directly to the Facebook Group Claire Corbett's CakeCicles Online Class, if for some unknown reason it does not take you to the group, please search for the Facebook Group, Claire Corbett's CakeCicles Online Class, answer the 3 questions to gain access to the group. You will now have access to this group forever.  Feel free to ask other members for help and advice, they will love to help, they are a friendly bunch. There are members who joined in the FB Live on the day and members who like you did the sessions later in their own time.

This online tutorial is only for paid members, it was shown live in the private group called Claire Corbett's CakeCicles Online Class.

This online tutorial can be purchased at any time. It is yours to keep forever, for you to view and follow at your leisure.  You are NOT to share any of the techniques or teach anyone else anything within the tutorial, this is for you only. Any members sharing techniques will be removed from the group.

Enjoy and have a great time.


Love Carol and Claire xx




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