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Cake Drum ROUND Silver 10 Inch

An ideal choice for presenting your heavier cakes upon.

They are thicker than the cake cards and boards we stock, measuring at 12mm.


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Cake Drum ROUND Silver 10 Inch

Cake Drum ROUND Silver 10 Inch, is ideal for presenting your cakes upon. They are thicker than the cake cards and boards we stock, measuring 12 mm in height. Therefore the cake drums are an ideal choice for supporting and displaying a heavier cake.

They work exceptionally well, when they are used with larger baked creations. For example from large sponges, fruit cakes to multi-tiered cakes. The cake drum has a shiny, metallic Silver coloured, embossed foil finish. The foil wraps around the edges of the drum and has a neat white paper finish on the reverse. In addition, they are also perfect to present your show-stopper celebration cakes, creative bakes and creations upon.

The cake drum round, are also available to purchase in multipacks of 5, to suit all your catering demands.


10 Inch / 254 mm Diameter x 12 mm

We also have a wide variety of other sizes (4” - 14”) and shapes: square and oblong are available in the cake drum range on our website.

Cake card cut edge, board and drum glossary:

- Card Cut Edge are thin hard cards, usually 1.5 - 2 mm thick.

- Cake Boards are the happy medium between thickness of card, with the strength of drums. They are 4mm thick. Therefore they are ideal if you need a strong, but thin base to work with. We have various coloured Masonite and cake boards available.

- Cake Drums are the thickest boards available at 12 mm thick and covered in either silver or rose gold foil. They are perfect for the base of multi-tiered cakes or any other heavier fruit cakes.

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Get more ideas on our Recipe Website.

If you have any questions or need further information, you can contact us by email: [email protected] or call us at 01613935056.

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