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Cake Box EXTENSION 10x16 Inch

It gives approx. 16'' in height for transporting your stacked cake.


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Cake Box EXTENSION 10x16 Inch

Cake Box EXTENSION 10x16 Inch extend the height of the cake box to fit taller cakes. They have plain white colour which makes them suitable to use with our plain white cake boxes.

In addition, we have a variety of different sizes: 12 x 16" and 14 x 16". We also stock cake box extension corners. With this cake box you will make extra space for those larger celebration cakes - especially tall tiered wedding cakes, anniversary cakes or birthday events!

In fact, this style of cake box extension is also, much more sturdier than the hinge style of cake box. It gives approximately 16'' in height for transporting your cakes and treats. This plain white cake box  extension is suitable for single tiered cakes.

Ideal for lifting the lid on your box to accommodate taller cakes and decorations by protecting all sides!

The cake box super extender simply slides inside your usual cake box to increase its depth, then the lid of the cake box fits on top of the extender.

Super Extenders are perfect for if you have tiered wedding cakes or celebration cakes that would not usually fit into your usual sized box.

Please note, this item is not a cake box. It is specially designed to fit inside a regular cake box to make it taller.

How to use extender:

1. Open your cake box (bought separately) out fully and place your cake on its board in the middle.

2. Very carefully lower open extender over your cake.

3. Bring up box sides and assemble.



10" (L) x 10" (W) x 16" (H)


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