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Backdrop Photography Sheets Large UNICORN GALAXY

It is printed in high definition colour and detail, enhancing your cake artistry photos with great results. Dimensions: 137cm x 90cm.


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Backdrop Photography Sheets Large UNICORN GALAXY

Backdrop Photography Sheets Large UNICORN GALAXY, is perfect to photograph wedding cakes, anniversary, cakes for Valentine’s Day or your own special heartfelt creation.

This backdrop will add a professional look to your photographs and really enhance your work. It's printed in high definition colour and detail. Therefore allowing you to get the very best photo possible of your cake artistry. It will enable you to offer higher quality results, producing a more attractive portfolio to future clients.

It's easy to set up. Tape the backdrop to a wall with painters tape, make your own stand or use it on any flat surface. Allowing you to take photos with ease, taking pictures from above or unique angles for something a little different, ideal for varied projects.

When setting up, ensure the area you are using has a good amount of natural light. You can find soft light in areas of open shade, such as a window light. To avoid getting shadows when photographing your piece, use a large piece of white paper or card as a reflector on the opposite side to the light source.

Creases or wrinkles in your backdrop?

Firstly, lay your backdrop print side down on a flat surface.

Then, place a damp towel over the back of the backdrop (design facing down).

With an iron, set with no steam and on medium temperature, iron right onto the damp towel and your creases should fade away.


Large: 137cm x 90cm - Ideal for 12" boards and above or 4 tier cakes and above.

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